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Join thousands of our puzzlers, completing the best puzzles every month.

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By joining thousands in The Puzzler Club, you’ll receive a brand new jigsaw puzzle every month. What more do you need than a puzzle each month, a premium tea from brands such as TeaPigs, and a biscuit from brands like Border Biscuits.

The Puzzler Club subscription comes with free UK Delivery.

£14.99 a month

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What’s In The Box

The Puzzle

The Puzzle, the main event. Our puzzles are selected by our self-confessed puzzle experts and from data-driven by what you love.


While you’re puzzling away you can relax with a good brew. Make sure you select what tea you like, so you’ll ever be disappointed.


What’s a puzzle and tea without a treat? No matter if you are a dunker, sucker or straight-up eater, we’re got you covered.

Loyalty Gift

We know loyalty when we see it. That why the longer you’re in the club the more free gifts you get.

What The Club Members Say

“Myself and my granddaughter love receiving and finishing our puzzles, we even have a countdown for the next one!!”

Lorraine & Annie